Positive patient
identification labelling
solutions, for the prevention
of medical errors.

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Welcome to Triarc Medical

Since the early 1980’s Triarc Medical has been dedicated to providing labelling systems to the medical industry in New Zealand and around the world. With an extensive range of over 4000 high quality preprinted medical labels Triarc provide positive identification labelling solutions that conform with the AS/NZS4375:1996 Standard which is the foundation for patient safety.

Triarc Medical are now supplying sterile labels and can pre-pack your customised label requirements into a steri-peel pouch and sterilise them by ethylene oxide so they are ready to use. Our experienced Customer Service staff can help you for any enquires you have.

!!New Product!! Refillable Label Dispensers

Accommodate any label width!

All your labels can now fit into the new Triarc Plastic Modular Dispenser System to tidy up your work area and make dispensing labels far more efficient. Limited for space? You can now stack vertically as well with the new Triarc dispensers making sure all your labels are easily accessible within arms reach.

Contact us now sales@triarc.co.nz
or 0800 874 272 to place your order