Label Dispensers


Refillable Label Dispensers

Triarc Label Dispensers are the ideal solution for your label storage and dispensing needs.

Designed specifically for hospital requirements, these fully enclosed, high quality and modular dispensers are suitable for labels of any size and can be easily cleaned to prevent contamination.

Explore how the Triarc dispenser system can transform your medical labelling

See it in action in our short explainer video:

Download the Modular Dispenser Brochure or Dispenser Instruction Manual for more information.

Key Features

  • Increased dimensions for larger rolls
    Designed to accommodate all Slimline and Jumbo labels including all National Recommendation labels. The TLD range takes a maximum roll diameter of 110mm.
  • Modular width system
    Dispenser widths start at 15mm and go up in 10mm increments to 105mm+ which allows you to configure your dispenser bank to accommodate any label width.
  • Dispensing or non-peeling mode
    Select from automatically removing label from backing or switch to non-peeling mode if writing is required.
  • Stackable and wall mountable
    Keep your dispensers tidy through wall mounts or clicking in vertical or horizontally.
  • Fully enclosed
    Plastic dispensers are fully enclosed enabling cleaning and minimising infection risks.

Triarc Dispenser Cad Drawings TLD15-35-65

Ordering Codes

Description Code
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 15mm width
(suits slimline label widths up to 12mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 25mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 20mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 35mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 30mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 45mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 40mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 55mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 50mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 65mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 60mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 75mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 70mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 85mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 80mm)
Dispenser – Plastic Modular – 105mm width
(suits jumbo label widths up to 100mm)

For wider widths please contact us


Label_DispenserRefillable dispensers which form banks are an integral part to make your labelling an efficient safe system.

The Triarc dispenser, a high quality plastic modular cassette unit, consists of inner and outer sleeves which can be taken apart easily to reload.

Any number of units click together to create a multi-dispenser bank which can be wall-mounted or left free standing.

The elegant and economical design ensures that the labels you need are easily accessible and within reach of your work area.

The Slimline Label Dispenser will take a maximum overall roll diameter of 85mm.

Look at these advantages…

  • Easy to use refillable dispensers
  • Click together to form banks
  • Can be wall mounted or left free standing
  • Tidy’s up your work area
  • Dispense labels faster
  • Will last for years

Ordering Code

Description Code
Dispenser – Plastic Slimline – 14mm width
(suits slimline label widths up to 12mm)